Your Complete Guide to Vibratory Tumbling Media – Its Use and Its Types

November 12, 2019

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The final stage of the plating process is called vibration fining, where the tumbling media product is used for cleaning, finishing, polishing or greasing.

Tumbling media is content used to reflect changes in another content. It involves aggressive digging to remove all unwanted sacks, grinding fast and polishing our target material.
Types of Tumbling Media
Tumbling media can contain up to four content.

  • Ceramic
  • Plastic

Organic Compounds
Here are the four most common content for creating Tumbling Media. Other media, such as glasses, are not so common and sometimes work. However, tumbling media comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. To purchase the right tumbling media for your product, you need to take into account the size, shape, weight, price, content of this section and the geometry. If you feel you are not capable of doing all this, you should get expert help to help you make the decision.

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