Yoga Classes at Home in Delhi

February 13, 2020

Take a pause from your hectic and mundane lifestyle, and unleash your full strength with authentic yoga education. Synchronize your physical, mental, and spiritual spheres with Aumyogashala’s daily yoga classes in Delhi and immerse in the rejuvenating and subtle effects of yoga. Follow the yogic disciplines and a spiritual lifestyle to build a blissful life.

Aumyogashala offers authentic knowledge of contemporary as well as traditional forms of yoga through its specialized Yoga Classes in Delhi. Consult with our experienced Yoga teachers and find the right yoga class as per your needs. Practice yoga in our state of the art Yoga studios with friends and family, and enhance your physical abilities. If you prefer to practice yoga individually, we can also arrange yoga classes at home in Delhi.

Program Highlights:

  • Get personalized yoga plans as per your needs
  • Practice traditional and contemporary yoga styles, guided by experienced trainers
  • Proper demonstration of yoga postures to attain the correct postures
  • Enhance your physical abilities and increase muscles strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Eliminate mental disorders such as anxiety and stress with relaxing postures
  • Practice yoga in private or grouped classes
  • Proper health assessment


Fee Details: 5 classes per week INR 4000/month


About Aumyogashala

Aumyogshala is a modernistic Yoga School in Delhi that combines the traditional and contemporary yoga styles to cope up with the faced-paced and hectic lifestyle. They offer private as well as grouped yoga classes in Delhi and Gurgaon.

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