Y1 Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor51

February 23, 2021

Product Name:Y1 Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor
Product Description:
1. Product IntroductionSAFETY STANDARD RECOGNIZED AC. RATED CERAMIC CAPACITORS 2. Product ParameterOperating Temp.Range-40℃ to +85℃, -40℃ to +125℃ApplicableStandardsUL, CSA, CQC, ENEC, VDEX1Y1440VAC400VACDielectric
VoltageRated VoltageTest Voltage400VAC4000 VAC for 1 min., Leakage current less than 5MADissipation
(D.F)Y5P, Y5UTANδ(DF) ≦2.5%,measured at 1KHz±10%, 1.0 - 5.0 Vrms, 25℃Y5VTANδ(DF) ≦5.0%,measured at 1KHz±10%, 1.0 - 5.0 Vrms, 25℃Capacitance(C)Range10 pf to 4700 pf. measured at 1KHz±10%, 1.0 - 5.0 Vrms, 25℃Tolerance±10%Y5P±20%Y5U, Y5VInsulationResistance(IR)10000 MΩ, 1 min., 100 VDCTemperature CharacteristicsType CodeTemp. Coeff.Temp. RangeY5P, Y5U±10%, +22~-56%-40℃ to +85℃,-40℃ to +125℃Y5V+30%~-80%-40℃ to +85℃,-40℃ to +125℃3. Product feature and applicationApplications:These Ceramic Disc Capacitors are specifically designed for AC applications and meet the safety requirements of 125 ℃ high temperature resistant, These capacitors are ideal for line by-pass, coupling and across the line applications. Feature:AC, BY-passing, Bridging, Coupling, Pulse, Thermostability 4. Product DetailDimensions(mm)5. Safety ApprovalsRelated StandardCertificate NOApproved MonogramCQC (China)IEC 60384-14CQC16001157279UL(USA) CSA(Canada)IEC UL 60384E466405ENEC (EU)EN 60384-14ENEC-VDE (Germany)EN 60384-1440045529Automatic Production Line Automatic Testing6. Delivery, shipping and service-Delivery: 5-7days after order confirmed-Shipping Port: Shenzhen-Our service1. You inquiry related to our products or our company or price will be replied in 24 hours.2. Well trained and experienced staff and technician to answer all your questions with professional knowledge.3. High quality, competitive price and considerate service.7. Latest newsKorea Electronics Show 2018HongKong Electronics Fair 2018 (Autumn)Company ImageTourism
Product Website:http://www.weiqingchina.com/certified-capacitor/y1-safety-standard-recognized-capacitor.html
Company Description
DongGuan WeiQing Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address:GuangdongGuangdongDongguanSongshanBuilding 12, No.7, Tenth Road of Science & Technology, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Songshan Lake, Guangdong Province, China
Descption:WeiQing capacitor manufacturer in 1983 originated in China Taiwan Taipei, our professional R & D are mainly on production of thin-film capacitor and electrolytic capacitor,by studing the German and Japanese enterprises to learn and learning their advanced technology and production methods. Now we concentrate on capacitors R & D, design and production, all products only sales abroad through foreign sales agents.
Registered Capital:100
DongGuan WeiQing Electronics Co., Ltd.
Contact:yuan Renjiang
Company Website:http://www.weiqingchina.com

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