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Why You Should Use An Instagram Wall for Your Wedding in 2021

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What is an Instagram Wall?

An Instagram wall is an Instagram feed that displays posts with distinct hashtags. An Instagram photo wall, also known as a live Instagram wall, can be displayed on any size screen and can also be used with a projector.

Instagram is a great place to display pictures, experiment with filters, and other information about food, lifestyle, and photography.

Instagram walls show posts in real-time especially useful for stylish attitude names for Instagram for girl Indian . What hashtags are event attendees using to Instagram? You can easily use Instagram photo walls for weddings to display information on large screens about what wedding guests are posting about it.

Here's how it works:

To create the best Instagram wall for a wedding, you need to hire an Instagram aggregator. The aggregator allows you to add your wedding hashtag so that you can gather your Instagram live feeds. Live pictures from weddings are automatically collected on Instagram walls. All posts containing this hashtag will instantly be displayed on your Wedding wall. Instagram photos can also be displayed on a website easily. The wedding guests will enjoy the slide show on Insta. And the best part is that they will want to participate in it.

Use an Instagram Wall to Plan Your Wedding

1. Engage Your Wedding Guests

Wedding guests will be asked to click a photo when they look at photos on your Instagram photo wall. It's exciting and fun to see your own photo or post on the Instagram wall, before many others.

Your wedding guests should be familiarized with the hashtag. Let them take fun, colorful photos and upload them to Instagram. This will give you a vibrant photo wall that is free and unassisted.

2. A Vivid Collection of Beautiful Memories

A vibrant collage of Instagram photos taken by all your guests from the wedding can be displayed. It will be amazing to see the passion that all your guests, family, and friends put into creating your wedding Instagram wall. You can share photos, experiences, and other things with just the unique hashtag for your wedding. Your wedding's Instagram wall feed will be available forever. One can also search the hashtag to rewind and see all the fun and memories at once.

3. Updated Posts from Wedding Guests

The Instagram photo wall will update with new posts from wedding guests who use the unique hashtag. You can enjoy all the happenings at your venue in real-time as posts will be updated in real-time.

4. You can customize your feeds

You can customize your Instagram feeds and display them in a stunning way. Live feeds can be edited to change or modify the colors, fonts, or entire design. This will give them a beautiful look. You can choose the perfect combination for your wall to fit in with your wedding event:


Live Instagram walls are great for weddings. These are a great way to capture your wedding in every corner and crevice. You can display the photos of your friends and family along with your hashtag on a live digital screen.

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