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Why It Is Important To Purchase The Fire Resistant Curtain?

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Do you wish to purchase the curtain and stage frills to adorn your auditorium? It is necessary to research well and explore around before making any purchase decision. Making a simple mistake in the fit and style ruins the whole aesthetic of the auditorium. In the market, you will find many types of the curtains but give importance to both beauty and safety. Compromising on any of these aspects makes you confront many issues later.

Nowadays, all the people prefer the fire-resistant curtains for the auditorium and stage to avoid unnecessary hassles. Are you thinking about the reasons to purchase this type of curtain? Spend some time and read the following section carefully, which listed out the major reasons.

• Look awesome and great because it is available in different designs similar to regular curtains. It enhances the aesthetics of your auditorium when meeting the safety aspects.

• Whenever the fire occurs, these curtains benefit you a lot because it slows down the spread of the smoke and fire. Of course, it catches the fire like regular curtains but does not spread too quickly.

Reasons for stage curtain need to be flame retardant

When accessing stage curtains in the public areas such as theaters, auditorium, and educational institutions, it is always important to consider buying the flame retardant fabric for additional fire safety. Almost all the local fire and rescue departments need that such fabrics accessed in such places be certified as the fire-resistant. When you use the normal fabric, it becomes highly prone to fire and creates big trouble.

The fire-retardant curtain is highly inflammable and has more resistance to fire when compared to others. It does not make you confront more issues especially when the space gets fire. Fabric such as linen and cotton caught the fire quickly. So, try to avoid them and go with the fire-retardant fabric to enjoy peace of mind.

This kind of fabric is categorized into two types such as NDFR and DFR. Find out its difference and purchase the right one. DFR (durably flame retardant) refers to the process in which the fabrics are treated chemically at the time manufacturing process along with the non-water-soluble chemical. It has the potential to withstand the number of dry cleaning with no loss of flame retardancy.

On the other hand, NDFR (Non-durably flame retardant) is the fabric treated chemically with the water-based solution. If it is wetted in any way, then its flame retardancy will be reduced. You need to retreat the curtain again to fulfill flammability requirements.

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