Why Is English and German Football Leagues More Popular Than the Others?

January 25, 2021

football is the most popular sport in Germany, second only to soccer. The annual soccer World Cup, now held every four years in Germany, attracts tens of thousands of fans and spectators. Germany is also the host country of many international football tournaments, including the European Championship, FIFA World Cup and the European Championships. Besides these there are a number of lower league football games, which the public watch. Most football fans follow their teams through the German leagues and the Football Premier League (F.L.C.) The main football leagues in Germany are the DFB (DFB – Germany football association) and the BVOR (BV – German football league).

The two leagues compete for the German football championship title. The DFB is subdivided into six regions, the first two regions having the exclusive right of hosting the national cup; the other two regional championships have teams compete against the national league sides. The top two teams from each region qualify for the playoffs, while the two from the other regions are then eliminated in the playoffs. The champions of the six regions compete for the DFB title. 

The other type of football that the people follow are the football Bundesliga. The original name was changed to the “Bundesliga” after the football leagues were restructured by the first two reformated football associations in the late nineteen seventies. The current league consists of eighty-two teams in total, with the remaining twenty-two competing in the top two leagues. The football Bundesliga features the top teams from the three main leagues of Germany, namely the DFB (Dortmund football club), Borussia Monchengladbach (Hamburger football club) and Schalke (leggedier football club).

The most popular and most watched football league in Europe are of course the English Premier League. Each year, the English football lovers go crazy with all the action and exciting football matches. The stadiums of the EPL are based in Manchester, which is also the capital city of England. Aside from the English Premier League, there are also football clubs from Spain, Qatar, Moroccan league, Cameroon, MLS, Argentinean league and many others. Each country in the World has their own football league where the respective country’s football clubs play each other. This competition brings international football fans from all over the world to watch the matches. ดูบอลสดออนไลน์

The other type of football that is loved and followed by many football fans worldwide is the football championship. The World Cup, European Cup and Champions League are the most famous and watched football tournaments. These tournaments have the best teams competing to be the winners and earn the championship title. The title trophy is won by the champions and the fans cheer for their favorite team, either the favorites or the rivals. If a team wins the championship, it means that it has been a good sport throughout the whole season, and it will surely win the next tournament.



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