Why does PCO keep on getting its license to taxi people revoked in London

January 9, 2020

PCO stands for public carriage office which is run transport for London (TFL). TFL grant license to those people who wish to work as a minicab driver in the UK. It is also known as a private hire vehicle driver’s license. It is important to have a PCO license to be a minicab driver in London. Transport for London department wants to ensure that the drivers of London have the appropriate skills and qualities that are required to be a perfect driver. A small mistake of the driver can put the lives of many people at risk. In this article, we will discuss why transport for the London department has made mandatory for the drivers of London to have a license of PCO.

 Importance of PCO license


These are the reasons why PCO keeps getting its license to the drivers in London. The increased use of cabs and public transport has made the need to improve the quality of the drivers to ensure public safety and public welfare. Whoever wishes to apply for the license needs to write the London PCO driver application.

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