Why do You Need to Wash Towels?

January 10, 2021

After a wonderfully relaxing shower or bath, dry yourself with a nice soft towel. But what do you actually do with your towel after drying? Do you put it wet in the corner of the bathroom? Or does it go straight into the laundry basket? It is better to hang your towel on a hook, drying rack or the heating after drying. This way your towel dries quickly and bacteria and fungi have the least chance to settle in your towel. It is not necessary to wash your towel immediately, but we recommend that you do this after three drying cycles. This way your towels will stay beautiful, you think about the environment (don’t wash too often) and you always dry with a clean, soft towel. Have you bought new towels? Then it is important to wash them in advance, so that they absorb moisture extra well afterwards.

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Wash towels before first use

Washing new towels before the first use is very smart, because after such a first wash they get the ability to absorb moisture. If you don’t do this, they will not dry properly. Do not use fabric softener, because even then your (new) towels will dry less well. Wash at a maximum temperature of 60 ° C and set the dryer at a lower temperature so that the cotton fibers are not damaged.

Wash towels after use

You have just showered, you are clean and then you dry yourself with your towel. That won’t make your towel dirty, but skin flakes end up on your towel every time you dry. These end up in the fibers and eventually come there, in combination with moisture, bacteria and fungi. If you hang up your towel after drying so that it can dry properly, bacteria and fungi have little chance. Washing your towel after use is important for good hygiene. After drying your towel about three times, it needs a wash.

How soon should you wash towels after use?

Washing your towels every day is not necessary: it is a waste of your towels, but also harmful to the environment (think of all those detergents and the use of the washing machine and dryer) and your wallet. Have you used your towel about three times and hung it out well between each towel and let it dry? Then it’s time to start washing your towels. This way your towel stays fresh, soft and beautiful for a long time.

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