What’s in a White Bridal Wear? Does It Bring in ‘that’ Aura?

August 10, 2018

The author is associated with one of the most famous companies that design various types of bridal dresses. The author is a Melbourne bridal couture expert.

Whenever women dream of dressing up for their wedding, and whenever they think of designing their bridal wear, the first and foremost colour that they think of is – white, and rightly so!! It’s after all the obvious colour of a bridal wear in every aspect. It’s the general belief that white is the colour of purity and virginity, and that’s what reigns supreme in weddings – in general.


What does the colour add to the dress?  

 Wedding dresses are genuinely meant to be the symbol of virginity and purity, and the white itself supports those aesthetics in a significant way. Therefore, over the ages, white has become the traditional colour of wedding gowns. Though other colours are used off late, white symbolises sanctity and thus describes a wedding and the bridal wear like no other shade.


What’s the popular choice?

In spite of the advent of other notions that lure brides to vouch for other colours in their bridal wear, white still is their darling. In fact, this is the shade that dictates the bridal industry in an indomitable way.

In fact, even in this age of innovations, white continues to appeal the brides by the sheer virtue of its limpidness and innocence and is very much a part of the Melbourne bridal couture like any other part of the world. Even a little girl, in her early teens, would grow up imagining herself in a white bridal gown – not in a dress of any other colour. Thus, white continues to dominate the horizon in spite of so many innovations and improvisations.


The appeal

White is unique not just due to its spotlessness. The appeal that the colour brings in with it is so widespread it has been adopted by other cultures, which even have their very own traditional colours and dresses.


The shades of White

The most amazing aspect of the white the shades it comes with. Not every wedding dress looks the same, even in white. They come up in various styles and shades of white. They may include eggshell, off-white, pure white, ivory, ecru, dove and many more.

Some brides do worry about the fact that the colour would wash them off, more so if and when they try various shades of white. They are wrong, as such is the greatness of this colour that it makes sure that white bridal wear of a Melbourne bride goes for any complexion and skin tone. Even for someone who is on a paler side, a shade that has traces of some cream or a pinkish undertone can do wonders.

Again, the ones with a bit darker complexion would look majestic in stark white. Then various types of bridal dresses come up with some innovative designs that look more complete, yet sublime and thus, fitting in white.

So that is it. White, even in various shades remains at the helm of the bridal style statement. Truly, a bride in a white wedding dress is a treat not only to the eyes of the guests but to the photographer. That’s the beauty of the colour, and it’s going to reign – forever!

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