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What Is the Difference Between e-Visa and Visa on Arrival?

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Well, the basic difference between these two visa types is that you don’t need to apply for any kind of visa when looking for a visa on arrival. E-visa is a facility extended by the Indian government where applicants need to apply for the visa using the online method.

But visa on arrival is not available outside of five designated centers for the process. You would have to arrive at the particular airports in the country to be eligible for a visa on arrival. Today we will look closely at both of these visa types extended by the Indian government.

E-visa Facility

E-visa facility is extended by the government of India and it is the next best thing after visa on arrival. E-visa facility is available for people from 169 countries (check out the list on the e-visa website) and the applicant must have a valid passport.

You would have to apply at least 4 days before the arrival in India for e-visa. The process of e-visa is pretty simple, you can go on the official website and apply for online e visa India.

With e visa India, you can enter India at 28 designated airports and five seaports. You’d have to go through one of these to avail e-visa facility at the airport or seaport. Check out the list of designated airports and seaports on the Indian visa online website.

To apply for the e-visa, you have to log on to, fill out the form and submit the fee. It will take around 4 to seven working days for your visa to arrive in your email inbox.

Visa on arrival 

The Indian government also offers visas on arrival to foreign nationals but there are a few limitations to it. You have to check the website for the countries allowed to get a visa on arrival in India. The citizens of those countries can avail their visa on arrival in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru or Hyderabad.

If you are looking to get the visa on arrival in India, you have to land in one of these cities to apply for the visa. The visa on arrival can be issued for business, tourist, medical and conference categories and all these are valid for a max of 60 days. The visa on arrival for any type of visa cost 2,000 rupees and it is not available for those whose parents or grandparents were born in or is a permanent resident of Pakistan.

The visa on arrival facility can only be used for a maximum of two times a year. The visa on arrival for the residents of Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates are temporarily suspended.

So, if you are not eligible for a visa on arrival, it is advised that you should apply for an e-visa. E-visa is the best choice for anyone looking to get to India in a few days. Because e-visa only takes about 4 to 7 days to process the applications.

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