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What is security token offering?

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There are many ways to raise capital. A few notable mentions: ICO, IPO, if you are at the right stage of crowdfunding, and now, the booming in hot trend STO (security token offering) STO is rising in popularity. Many Startups & entrepreneurs are raising the amount of money this way - it made be easy.

What is a security token offering?

The security token offering is just like ICO. A company creates and issues the cryptocurrency token while the investors exchange them with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Security tokens represent real assets like real estate. STOs are highly regulated compared to ICO. the STO regulations are provided by the federal security law called SEC. the STO regulation may change into the country to country.

Types of security tokens

  • Equity token - Represents the token holder to get equal ownership of the shareholder.

  • Debt token - Represents the short term loans or investments

  • Asset token - Represents the ownership of the company listed on the stock market.

Benefits of Security tokens

  • Increased liquidity

  • Secure transaction

  • Global investor participation

  • Reduced cost

  • Great efficiency

Who provide the Security token offering services

Being a top-rated STO development company ICOCLONE offers complete security token offering services with the SEC-compliant. with a team of 100+ experienced professionals develop, test and deploy the STO software with your preferred infrastructure and embedded with features like complaint token, secure wallet, digital payment gateway and much more. 

The STO service they provide

  • Equity token development

  • Debt token development

  • Asset token development

  • Secure wallet development

  • STO dashboard

  • STO software

  • Mobile app development

Get free live STO software demo with Admin and User panel.

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