What is SAP HCM Success Factors?

November 6, 2020

What is SAP HCM Success Factors?

• It is taking too long to attract and hire the most suitable staff • Recruitment activities are reactive not proactive • It takes too long for new hires to contribute and become productive • Top performers are leaving because they are not being rewarded appropriately • Succession planning is very ineffective and it is not possible to put learning and development actions in place • Business targets are not effectively cascaded throughout the organisation • Your people don’t have the right skills to meet demands of the market and deliver competitively • Staff aren’t as effective as they could be and collaboration isn’t as effective as it should be • The skills and competencies of your workforce are not aligned with critical business needs • You need to make sound people decisions in order to grow your business, but can’t do so in a timely manner because data is fragmented across your organisation

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