What is food design?

May 5, 2019

It has long been stated that eating is not only a mechanical activity, but it involves all the senses. According to this concept, restaurants and the most famous chefs work. Recently it was decided to broaden the concept of good-looking food. This is how food design was born.

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What is food design?What is food design?

This concept is relatively new, although it strongly refers to other, much longer existing theories on nutrition. She is trying to bring together all the good practices of the food industry into one coherent system. The process must be complete from start to finish, as only such a holistic approach will help to achieve a satisfactory final result.

Stages in the food design process

It all starts with the growth of the plants and the feeding of the animals on our tables. Only organic food, produced according to strict, high standards, has the chance to be appreciated by our customers. Growing consumer awareness has also extended the concept of environmental friendliness to include fair trade, which means paying fair prices to farmers involved in plant and animal production.

The next stage is processing. Here, too, the highest possible standards must be met. This applies in particular to processing in which there is no room for artificial colouring or preservatives. The entire process must comply with the standards applicable to healthy food. The least possible interference is the most important factor here.

The sensory involvement of food also applies to the packaging. Creating such a product in accordance with the philosophy promoted by the growing number of food design worshippers in our country does not only mean aesthetic workmanship, but also the use of the most ecological materials for production.

Food design, as can be clearly seen from this short description, is not only about chefs and food producers, but also about all those who are oriented towards healthy eating. This kind of thinking about food and, more broadly, about all food is becoming more and more popular. The reason for its unquestionable success is the above mentioned increase in consumer awareness, although not without significance is also the beautiful appearance and healthy ingredients of food prepared in accordance with this philosophy.

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