What Is Eye Bolt? And For What They Are Used

January 22, 2021

Eyebolts can be utilized as an association point for apparatus, mooring, pulling, pushing, or lifting applications. Even though eye bolts are normally utilized in modern applications, they’re likewise generally misconstrued or utilized erroneously. It tends to be befuddling to comprehend what kind of eye bolt to use for your application related to your other apparatus gear, you can arrange from the top Eye bolt suppliers in India

We should find out about the eye bolt, types and how Eye bolt manufacturers in India keep up and introduce it. 

What Are Eye Bolts? s

One of the most usually utilized bits of equipment in material taking care of, an eye bolt has a straightforward plan, comprising of a strung shank with a ring/eye toward one side. Eye fasteners are strung to structures. They are intended to have a rope or link taken care of through the ring to lift objects. 

The ring can be drop produced or adapted to frame a circle. Bowed eye bolts should just be utilized in light obligation applications and ought to never be utilized to execute rakish lifts. 

Different Type of Eyebolts

  • Anchor eyebolts: Eyebolts with some type of anchor screw to empower attaching into stonework structures. 
  • Screw eyes: The are like an eyebolt however with a wood screw instead of a machine screw. 
  • Ringbolt: An eyebolt with a hostage ring going through the eye of the head, viably framing two chain joins. This can decrease twisting powers on an eyebolt. 
  • Eye nut: An eye nut is really a nut which fills a similar need as an eyebolt, although they are some of the time recognized as eyebolts in indexes. 
  • Roller eyebolt: These are intended to manage a rope or link so it can pass easily with negligible contact. 

Eye Bolt Installation and Maintenance 

As significant as picking the right eye bolt at Eyebolt suppliers in India, appropriately introducing and keeping up it is similarly as basic to guaranteeing working environment wellbeing. 

Establishment Guidelines and Tips: 

  • The accepting opening ought to be counter-sunk and be liberated regarding any trash to guarantee legitimate seating. 
  • Always investigate and clean the eye bolt strings and the opening before utilizing. 
  • Check to seat subsequent to applying a rakish lift since the underlying lift may make the bolt move in an opposite direction from the heap. 
  • For applications with undiscovered through-openings, longer length shoulder eye screws are suggested, utilizing a steel washer and nut for the necessary string length of commitment. 


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