What are the top 4 things you need to check before purchasing a shoulder bag?

October 13, 2020

Bags are an essential part of our modern life. We need bags for all the purposes be it going to school or attending sizzling award functions. Since bags are important to us, let us look at few things you should always keep in your mind before purchasing a new bag- 


  1. Quality- Quality is must if you want your bag to be with you in the long run. Quality of the bags are dependent on its structure, stitches used to prepare the bag, additional attachments with the bag, its water resistant capacity, fire resistance, stretchability, etc. All mentioned qualities help as the guidance for a perfect bag. Before purchasing any bag, you can look out for the material they use and make your purchase accordingly.

  2. Pattern- Most people don’t pay much attention towards the pattern and it is a common mistake. The pattern of the bag makes it stand out and give it its value and ‘it effect’. The individuality of the upcycled shoulder bags or canvas bags are highly dependent on its pattern and appeal to people.

  3. Durability- Purchasing bags can be a failure if the selection process dont go well. While selecting any bags it is important to check for how long it is going to last for. Sometimes we buy bags and they get dirty, if we wash them they get torned or their color fades. In the worst case, the whole bag tears apart. That’s why we need more durable and strong bags which can last over the years even if they are unused.

  4. Colors- You must be wondering why color schemes are on the list, right? Colors play a very important role in our lives. Some colors are soothing, some are playful, some match our personalities while some are just there. While selecting bags dark colors are preferable as the dirt doesn’t get noticed easily while light colored bags get dirty in no time.
    Light fun colors are most preferable for smaller bags like cross body, sling bags, etc. Dark and solid colors can be used for larger bags like
    upcycled shoulder bags, backpacks, canvas bags, etc.


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