What are the primary reasons behind lead market complaints?

September 19, 2019

Are there any specific reasons due to which lead market complaints are seen? Here, our aim will be to analyze this question and find an answer for the same.

Three Reasons Behind Lead Market Complaints

Improper segregation of Leads

If your customer support team focuses more on poor quality leads without paying heed to data available for the leads then complaints are more likely to arise. It is important to prioritize leads based on data available for the same. If they don’t then it is likely that they will focus more on luke warm or dead leads where chances of conversion are very less.

Delayed Response

According to lead market review, conversion rate usually drops significantly if lead market customer feedback team makes a delay in providing response to the leads that are generated by the system. Conversion rate will be very low if contact is made after a long gap from the time lead was generated.

Analysis shows that if immediate contact is not established with the leads then the probability of missing the lead increases by almost 10 times. Complaints about leads crop up when sales teams do not prioritize their leads. As such, valuable time is lost, which could otherwise be used for converting leads that can actually convert.


Improper Analysis of Lead Signals

Lead market complaints become a serious issue when customer support teams do not understand the leads and believe that a lead is willing to make a purchase where actually the person is not interested in the product or service. For instance, if a customer asks about the availability of discounts or offers, then it is a clear signal that he is interested in buying the product.





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