What are the materials of the glass clamp, the type and maintenance of the glass clamp

September 15, 2020

Gold color glass clamp for handrail

  1. Apply to 6-10mm Glass.
  2. Make of Zinc alloy, More Strong and Sturdy, Which Is Rustproof, Waterproof and Heat-resisted, Not Easy to Damage.
  3. With The Rubber Layers and Micro-adjusting Screw, It’s Suitable for 6-10mm Thickness of Glass.
  4. 180 Degree Glass Door Clamp is easy to loosen or tighten screws.
  5. The rubber gasket can be stably and safely secured to fixing in the glass, good ideal for fixing the glass of balustrade, staircase, handrail, etc.

glass clamp

1.The material distinction of glass clamps

It is divided into stainless steel, copper-zinc alloy, etc., and there are many types. Among these kinds of materials, I think stainless steel is the best. Bathroom clamps made of this material are very rigid, especially some high-quality stainless steels that do not require electroplating, so even if they are used for a long time, there will be no blistering or mildew, and the load-bearing capacity is relatively good. The copper material is generally electroplated, and it will become very bright after electroplating, which is more advanced, but it is generally not used at home, and it is generally used by star-rated hotels because its cost is relatively high. Zinc alloy bathroom clamps and copper bathroom clamps require electroplating, but the cost is very low. Because if there is no good plating, the surface is prone to blistering, and the load-bearing capacity is not particularly strong, and it is prone to breakage.

2.Surface treatment of glass clamp

Divided into stainless steel wire drawing (also called sand light), stainless steel bright surface (mirror light for brightness above 8K), chrome plating, wire drawing nickel plating, titanium gold plating, pearl nickel plating, pearl chrome plating, etc. The first two can only be used on stainless steel, the latter can be processed according to customer needs.

3.Glass clip structure distinction

Common ones are curved clamps, corner clamps and non-opening glass clamps. The curved clamp connects the door glass and the fixed glass, while the corner clamp does not have a clear connection target. It can be glass or wall.

3.Maintenance of glass clamp

Now that glass clamps are used more and more widely when using glass clamps, you must also pay attention to maintenance. First of all, prevent bruising during transportation. Second, when cleaning, you should first use a soft cloth or dry cotton yarn to remove dust, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to keep it dry. You must not Use colored cleaning agents, which will damage its surface, and when the hardware is in use, it should be protected from acid, alkali, and salt corrosion and contamination.

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