What are the HyperMesh tips/tricks you have learned through experience and practice

September 23, 2020

The best tip is to create shortcut for the commands you are regularly using.

Make use of the different browsers like, solver and connector browser to get your work done easily.

Make best use of mask and reverse and veiw saving options that HM has.

Avoid any possible error that you will make while working with HM.

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What’s the scope of HyperMesh for jobs?

Pretty good. Hypermesh is used for meshing in CAE industry and the only software that competes with it is Ansa . Meshing is still not automated and I don’t see that happening for another 10+ years.

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Here are some other guidelines to learn meshing in Hypermesh.

Always create midsurface for thin walls where shell meshing to be used.
Find rectangular portions of the geometry and create automesh after creating a rectangular surface by trimming it. Familiarize yourself with F11 & F12 options.
Start from the most complicated parts of the geometry.
Learn about the manual meshing options for 1D, 2D and 3D.
Explore all the options and learn about them.
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