What are the Factors which affect TDS Levels?

October 13, 2020

Rate with which water flows

The most prominent factor behind the increase in the TDS level of water is there increased flow. Most of the time when water flows with speed it erodes away some of the particles with it hence lead to an increase in the level of water. Usually, when the water is steady it plays a minimum role in increasing the TDS because there is no such kind of soil erosion, particles, clay inside it.

Urban Runoff

During heavy rainstorms, the rain erodes away most of the dust, soil, and many other things which are washed away in the local water bodies which ultimately increases the TDS levels in drinking water.

Industrial Waste

With the increase in industrialization waste produced by the industries is touching the sky and there are finding it difficult to dump so ultimately they throw most of there waste in rivers and many other water bodies. which ultimately leads to an increase in TDS level and also depletes the water level

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