Weight Loss and a Look at Snacking Habits – 5 Tips For Losing Weight

February 27, 2020

15 Minute Weight Loss Review Another aspect of weight lose that Rob Poulos does endorse with his diet is the use of exercise. He does, however realize from experience that the exercise program cannot take up to much time because of people’s busy lives nowadays and has developed a program that takes up only 45 minutes of your time a week.

The reason that it can be this short is because of an increase of the intensity of exercise, by basing the techniques on interval training rather than long drawn out exercise sessions at only half effort. Interval training is training at interspersed training periods of 50 % effort and 80 % effort over the exercise session. This way one is increasing and decreasing one’s heart rate, thus increasing the intensity.

The exercise methods are a combination of cardiovascular and strength training or cross training methods and will take up only 15-20 minutes of your time three days a week. The rest days in between will give your body time to recuperate and rebuild your muscles further using your fat stores even while you rest. Thus, you still retain your metabolic rate.

Thus through a combination of proper use of nutrition and healthy eating as well as proper and intense exercise a person will achieve permanent, long term weight loss from body fat loss and stay healthy and full of energy. Thus, you do not have to deny yourself anything and your weight loss journey does not have to be torment.



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