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October 16, 2020

Website Resellers is your source for custom web design work, search engine optimization (SEO), white label internet presence, interesting tech articles, local weather and stock quotes.

A website reseller is someone who offers website development and hosting. Usually a website reseller owns a site that offers other services or products. Website development is just one of his many products or services. He does not develop the sites but instead gets them from a website development company and simply resells them through website reseller package or website reseller program. In other words, website resellers resell websites to their already existing clients and prospective new ones. A website reseller is like an agent who sells websites to businesses, institutions, agencies and individuals who need websites. Through various website reseller packages or website reseller programs which he gets from the web development company, he is able to offer attractive packages to the end clients or website owners.

As website reseller as an agent, provides many benefits or advantages to the end clients or the website owners. For example, in the price of the site alone, websites become cheaper because the website reseller can offer them at various prices with various services or features included. The website reseller gets the websites from the web development company. He can now pass it on at a more competitive price to the clients because he can make different packages. For small businesses, he can offer them packages with few features. As the business grows and the sites must be enhanced to meet its many needs, the website reseller can now offer him sites with more features. Thus, website owners have the option to buy sites that they can afford and need at the moment.

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