Ways to Realize The Reduction of Waste Discharge In the Production of TiO2

October 15, 2020

As a common method for producing titanium dioxide, the sulfuric acid method has many production advantages, but the disadvantages of this method are also obvious. The main disadvantages are that the production process consumes a lot of energy, produces a lot of waste and by-products, and causes great environmental pollution.

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Why is it necessary to realize the energy saving and emission reduction of sulfuric acid process

Any method of simply reducing costs is not feasible. Only by working hard on the technological content of products and new independent innovation technologies can we go longer.

For this reason, the research and development of a new technology for the cleaning production of titanium pigment by sulfuric acid is the best method today in the continuous development and progress of the titanium dioxide industry. Only in this way can the bottleneck problem in the production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method be solved, and the production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method can be rejuvenated.

Realize the comprehensive utilization of waste acid produced in production

Production of Ammonium Sulfate

The use of this technology can greatly reduce the treatment cost of titanium dioxide waste acid, enable the comprehensive utilization of titanium dioxide waste acid, change the traditional titanium dioxide waste acid treatment method, and conform to the circular economy, saving society and environmental protection policies, and can treat titanium at full load White powder waste acid can produce high-quality ammonium sulfate. The production cost of ammonium sulfate produced by this technology is low and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. It is an economical and practical method.

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Extraction And Recovery of Sulfuric Acid

The extraction method is to selectively extract impurity ions such as ferrous sulfate, and the unextracted amine organic extractant is fully contacted with the feed liquid, so that the sulfuric acid enters the organic phase and achieves the purpose of separating sulfuric acid from inorganic salts. The organic phase in the extraction system contains the extractant-organic amines, the solvent is kerosene, and the polarity regulator is added at the same time. The stripping agent is water or ammonia to obtain high-purity sulfuric acid or ammonium sulfate. The recovery rate of sulfuric acid can reach more than 90%, and the sulfuric acid content in the raffinate is 0.1~0.2 mo1/L. The extraction method is a very effective method for separating acid salts. It has fast equilibrium speed, good separation effect, large processing capacity, and acid The recovery rate is high, the product concentration and purity are high, and it is easy to realize automatic control.

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