Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

May 15, 2020

You can start making money from home is by being a freelancer on websites like up was calm or freelance or calm so this is similar to Fiverr but there’s more potential more opportunity for you to make more money as a freelancer on these websites and I love these websites because I actually use up work to hire freelancers in my business project life mastery so some of these areas and topics and categories can require a bit of a skill set obviously the more skills that you have the more value that you can provide the more money that you can make but there’s a lot of opportunities here if you have no skills okay so, for example, let me just kind of go to all categories let’s say you wanted to be customer support be a customer support rep and that gives you the freedom to work from home maybe you’re not going to make as much money as some other opportunities other skills but it’s still a great way that you can start making money from home.

There are a lot of ways to make money like skills writing, skills editing, proofreading, translation legal you know IT web design development and you know again some of those things you might have to develop your skillset with those areas but certain things almost anyone can do our customers support data entry right so basically it’s just more labor-intensive workers kind of filling out forms and spreadsheets for people and just kind of compiling a bunch of data for them.


eBay or Amazon or web sites like that, so that’s another great way to start making money from home, can provide some freedom for you depending on where you’re maybe finding the products, of course, you might have to actually go out physically and get them and then come from home and then do everything else from there on eBay and shipping the products the next way that you can start making money from home is by selling your expertise giving people advice because there are many people out there they’re looking for advice and they’re willing to pay for it so a great website.

One of my favorite ways of making money from home and online is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process of you promoting someone else’s product or service through your affiliate link okay so you get a link people to click on the link when they go and buy that product or service you earn an affiliate commission from it so easiest because you don’t have to create the product.

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