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December 31, 2020

Peter O’Toole stars as Lawrence and the cast also includes actors of the calibre of Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn, Alec Guinness and Jack Hawkins. The film cost around $15m to make and the directors cut running time was 227 minutes. A little known fact is that it was during the making of the film that King Hussein, the late King of Jordan met his second wife, Antoinette Gardiner. Gardiner who is from a village just outside Ipswich in England was working as a assistant on the film set. King Hussein had occasionally visited the set during filming as he had given permission for some of his soldiers to appear as extras. This epic film starts with Lawrence’s death. He died in 1935, six days after crashing his motorbike as he swerved to avoid two boys on their bicycles. The next scene is at is memorial service which was held at St Pauls Cathedral in London. As reporters try to gain an insight to Lawrence, you are taken back in time to World War I. Lawrence was perceived by many as a bit of a misfit British officer but he has superb knowledge of Bedouin people and Arab affairs. He had traveled extensively within the Ottoman Empire prior to the outbreak of World War I. His knowledge was a key factor is the Arab Bureau sending him as an assess the possibility of Prince Faisal, played by Alex Guinness, leading a revolt against the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Anthony Quayle plays the role of Colonel Brighton who had constantly advised Faisal to withdraw is Arab army to Yenbo after several Turkish attacks on his camp. Sherif Ali, played by Omar Sharif, insisted they could not go back for him as once the sun came up, the desert temperatures would be unbearable. Lawrence defied Sherif Ali and went back to find the missing man whose name was Gasim. Lawrence succeeded in saving Gasim and the Bedouins faith in the British officer. The attack on Aqaba by the Bedouin was a success and Lawrence reported back to Cairo where he was promoted and given money and arms to support the Arab uprising. Lawrence continues the war against the Turks with guerrilla tactics and Jackson Bentley, an American war correspondent brings the legend of Lawrence of Arabia to the public’s attention by reporting his exploits in Arabia. British General Allenby, played by Jack Hawkins, convinces Lawrence to lead the Arab army on their push to Damascus but by now, Lawrence has had enough of the fighting as he despises the bloodshed. Finally he agrees, to go back and help with the push to Damascus. During the push, the Arabs come across a Turkish column that has attacked a nearby village. In their blood lust, the Arabs attack and Lawrence is as blood thirsty as any of the Arabs.اتفرج تي في

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