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December 8, 2020

The action movies were originally made by US. After this, several other countries also started making them. They are becoming very popular among people because of the several genius writers in the film industry. Actors like Stallone and Schwarzenegger dominated the screen and their films are doing good business because a large number of people like their films. In today’s time, the action movies need to have more of a comedy or love story than just a pure action. To make these type of films these days, one needs a tough female co-star, instead of the conventional scenes of violence. Apart from this, one also needs to add wise cracking comedies , instead of relying on the traditional heavy dialogues.

One of the best action movies is the “Iron Man” that has been rated among the top films of 2008. It casts acclaimed actors plus the cinematography of the film is awesome. In this film, Robert Downey Jr delivers an incredible performance by playing a billionaire playboy. It is basically based on terrorism and suggests some ways to eliminate terrorists from the face of this earth. This film has done great business in almost every country where it has been released. It has been able to allure the viewers with its breathtaking action and drama.

Films like “Lawrence of Arabia,” by reputed film maker David Leans is an adventurous story of an Englishman who inspired the Arabs to fight against the Turks during the World War I. It is one of the most popular movies that depict the war between the Turks and Arabs in clear way. Apart from this, there is “Apocalypse Now”. It is a horrendous movie that clearly shows the critical situation in a war. This film is inspired by noted novelist Joseph Conrad’s bestseller, “The Heart of Darkness”. It is basically the story of an army captain who has been ordered to be killed in the Cambodian Jungles, because he is considered a man of the US military officials.

One of the most legendary action films is “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”. It is a fantastic movie that depicts an imaginary world. One must watch it because of its captivating and terrible scenes. Peter Jackson has directed this superb film and his direction has been appreciated by people at large. It is really a masterpiece from start to finish. The striking cast of this film has been liked by almost everyone who has watched it.

So, it can be said that movies are the best option to spend your leisure time. They make you laugh and weep by presenting some unbelievable scenes in them. They also increase the knowledge of the viewers as they are made on different themes. They can be enjoyed free of cost from various websites. To avail them free, one needs laptop or computer along with internet connection.

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