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October 12, 2020

We supply & install all types of completely customized murals wallpapering & traditional wallpapers to suit any wall that you wish to decorate, be it in the university, hotel, pub, school, home, office, or workplace. Wallpapering Sydney offer a bespoke wallpapering service & can Supply & Install Custom any image/size wallpaper or wall mural that your heart desires. Decide what types of style/ image/ colors that you require. Within our database we have access to huge images, so should be able to suit your every wish..!

Customize your walls your way in 3 Easy Steps

Decide what image/style/colors that you require. We have access to a huge number of images to suit your every desire.

Send us the size of the image that you require before placing the order.

Once the mural wallpaper is ready we come & install it…

Choose what image you might like, from a relaxing beach scene to a city skyline or anything in between & we send you links to thousands of images, tell us which you like with the wall size & then we can come & install your own custom wall mural. It’s as easy as that..!

We can edit any image to custom fit your wall perfectly whatever its size, we can even turn your own favorite images into stunning wall murals. We are professional wallpaper & wall mural suppliers & installers based in Sydney with years of trade experience. We have accounts with many quality traditional wallpaper suppliers & can source most traditional wallpapers to save you the hassle. We work alongside

Wallpapering Sydney supplies have been exclusively manufactured and have a hard-wearing canvas-like texture. It is a woven polyester fabric, which allows the wallpaper to breathe (so air bubbles don’t get trapped under the wallpaper). It’s also washable & durable, it will not rip or tear. It can be removed easily and reinstalled if required with no residue left on smooth surfaces and no damage to the wallpaper. We are producing an even greater variety of styles and designs that look visually stunning, create depth warmth & texture. We use the latest technology to ensure that the best possible results for our clients, including laser technology to keep our wallpaper plumb. Our tools and equipment are the best available from Europe to ensure a quality finish.

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