November 16, 2020


A bit of caution is also advised when preparing foods rich in vitamins: Cooking, roasting and baking can also lead to significant nutrient losses depending on the duration and temperature . So if in doubt, take a break from raw food!

Since vitamins are so essential for our body, a persistent deficiency can affect various functions of your body

A mild to moderate deficiency (a so-called hypovitaminosis) can lead to unpleasant side effects. These include tiredness , concentration problems and listlessness . But how do such complaints arise

The answer is basically quite simple: The organic processes for which the vitamin is required can no longer be carried out or can only be carried out inadequately. The consequence is a slowing down or weakening of the metabolic processes concerned .

But you don’t have to worry too much about a vitamin deficiency at first: According to current data, the supply situation in Germany can be rated as good. Accordingly, a full-blown vitamin deficiency is very rare in this country. It is almost always the result of general malnutrition and is not a separate phenomenon.

In the National Consumption Study 2008, however, it was found that an adequate daily intake of vitamins D and E often cannot be guaranteed [1]. In most cases, a vitamin D deficiency has seasonal reasons: Due to the shorter and colder days in winter, we do not come into contact with valuable UV rays often enough .

You should therefore mainly use vitamin supplements if your family doctor has confirmed a specific deficiency .

Vitamin supplements can help vegans manage their daily nutritional needs. In particular, the important vitamin B12 is found in meat, eggs and milk in a much higher concentration and bioavailability than in vegetable sources [3].

Pregnant women are also a special group in connection with B vitamins . In addition to the trace element iron , the natural need for folic acid or vitamin B9 often increases during pregnancy .

For many women, it is difficult to get the extra pregnancy vitamins through their diet. Vitamin B9 supplementation is often absolutely essential for expectant mothers. Usually the treating gynecologist is talking about vitamins in the pregnancy , however, initiate anyway.

An extra dose of vitamins can also help your body stay balanced during stressful times . Especially now in winter, an extra dose of vitamin C can wonderfully support the normal function of your immune system. This is especially important if you do a lot of exercise.

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