Vitamin K2 Powerful Vitamin For Heart and Bones

May 19, 2020

What is so unique about this vitamin? IfReplenish 911 Review I say that it helps for your strong bones and healthy cardiovascular functions, you will think I fool around you. Because you know very well that calcium plays a vital role for bones and control of cholesterol is important for heart. Then where this vitamin comes into picture? Now listen to this omnipotent vitamin K2.

There are many scavengers in our body. Many nutrition antioxidants are scavengers to make us healthy. They simply weed out the unwanted substances from our body. Any good substance in our body if not in its right place becomes unwanted and thrown out. So, everything should be in its right place and lesser jobs are given for scavenging. As you know, calcium is very important for bones. Its right place is bones and blood. What happens when it is not in its right place? What ensures that it is in its right place and not in wrong place?

Have you heard about aorta? It is the largest blood vessel starts from left ventricle of the heart transporting oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. Just imagine for a moment that the calcium found in the blood seeps into this blood vessel. Immediately calcification of the vessel will start and spoils the vessel. This will lead to cardiovascular problems and the consequences are left to one’s own imagination.

For some people, bone spurs are found in spine, knee, feet, hips, shoulders and hands etc. They are extra bone growth. When they come in contact with other parts, severe pain will emerge. There are many reasons for this spur. When the calcium present in the bone seeps into the spur, it will add fuel to the fire.


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