December 27, 2019

Isn’t it one of the best feelings while shopping when you get the maximum number of benefits possible withing a single purchase? In a world where every product is getting specialised features, we end up buying a lot of products just to serve our basic needs. It then becomes a trouble to hassle through all the products and maintain them just to get things done in order. In such a scenario, the Videocon LED TV remote comes as a lifesaver. It combines all the best features that a television remote control could have into a single device that is very simple and easy to operate.


If you are doubtful whether to buy Videocon LED TV remote control or not, here are a few specifications of the remote that will help you make the decision. The remote control is made up of ABS material and comes with a three-month warranty from the website itself. It can work up to a distance of 12 meters from the device and catch signals even at 45 degrees angle. It has 42 keys in total and comes in the royal black colour. There is no set-up required to start using the remote and covers almost all functions of a regular original Videocon LED TV remote control.


Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind while buying the remote. In order to do a quick check of whether the remote will work with your television or not, just match the keys and placing on your old remote with the image on the Earthma website. If not, it is better to look for a different model or check with the customer support whether it works with your television model number or not. On delivery, you should also make sure that the remote matches with the specifications given on the website and if that is not the case, ensure that you report an issue with the site immediately. Although, the trust of LRIPL combined with the value offered by Earthma will make sure it does not happen.


The timely, upbeat and responsive customer care at Earthma India ensures quick resolution of any issues that you may have with the Videocon LED TV remote at any point before, during, or after purchase.

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