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Vacuum Silicone 6 Stretchable Cover for Bowls, Bottles, Food, Glass Cups Use in Microwave Small | Large | Medium Size Set of 6

You should use Reusable Microwave Freezer Safe Stretch Lids instead of buying tonnes of wrap and aluminum foil. Don't throw the other half out of your canned food!  If you do need the other half, put it for another day. Simply cover it with silicone cover and use it when you are again hungry!

Vacuum Silicone Stretchable Cover

The protective coating can be used for cooked foods, vegetables, greens, sauces, and liquids such as coffee, tea, and milk. Some of the squares stretched deck ladders you find, however, it can be used in a square or rectangular containers.

Vacuum Silicone Stretchable Cover

These popular Silicone Reusable Microwave Freezer Safe Stretch Lids are sturdy and stable even if they have a few quirks. It has tabs with exterior lines. These tabs should be used to change the deck subtly while in order to achieve a correct seal.
Vacuum Silicone Stretchable Cover

Benefits of using Reusable Microwave Freezer Safe Stretch Lids

  • These safe lids are environmentally conscious since they can be reused.

  • Although most plastics are now BPA-free and completely safe, silicone is the "safer" alternative to prevent chemical leaching.

  • Reusable Silicone Microwave Resistant Lids are incredibly easy to fit over almost any container and create an airtight seal for fresh food.

  • It is suitable for traveling because it is lightweight, durable, and leak-proof.

  • Silicone is capable of handling intense heat and cold temperatures such that silicone extended lids are normally suitable for freezers and microwaves.

  • These lids are sold nearly entirely in collections of all sizes.

  • We prefer to favor lids without clasps because they are more lightweight and easier to pack, but it should be remembered that the clasps provide additional leak protection.

Vacuum Silicone Stretchable Cover


  • The lids can be between 1 to 3 inches, and a 10-inch long silicone can accommodate up to a maximum of 13 inches containers that are compliant with tub, pan, pot, glassware, fresh food safe, microwave, and freezer coverings.

  • Silicone is not sticky, so the Reusable Microwave Freezer Safe Stretch Lids is normally easy to clean and food is not adhered to. Most of them are suitable for washing, making cleaning much easier.

  • Convenient taps: The convenient taps make it easy to remove them from the tub, and keep food fresh, in a fridge without leak while Silicone lids stay on the cup or bowls securely.

  • You can use them in containers of almost any form, because of their super-stretched existence.

  • Keep food safe: great vegetable cover for the outside or for traveling with friends. Fresh food should not spill food and water in your car.

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