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Uses And Safty of Food Grade STPP

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Sodium tripolyphosphate(STPP) food grade can give a fresh appearance to meat and sea food while slowing down spoilage as a food additive.  The chemical powder helps to preserve the natural color of meat and fish and improves their texture. This is done by improving the water-holding capacity of animal products and consequently slowing down their drying.

Is Sodium Tripolyphosphate in Food Bad for Human?

Food-grade sodium phosphate is categorized by the FDA as GRAS, which means “generally recognized as safe.” But the amount uses in different food ahould be controled. This may be because the amount of sodium phosphate added to processed food, is relatively low.

hese additives are made by combining different combinations of sodium (salt) and inorganic phosphate, a phosphorus-derived chemical compound.

Phosphorus is an important mineral that is naturally found in foods like milk, beans, meat, fish, eggs, poultry and nuts.

This type of natural phosphorus is known as organic phosphorus and essential for bone health, cellular repair, muscle contraction and nerve function, among other vital processes. Inorganic phosphorus includes phosphorus-derived food additives like tribasic sodium phosphate, which are added to foods as an ingredient. Trisodium phosphate is one of the most common types of sodium phosphate additives and can be found in a variety of items.

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