US Work and Tourist Visa – A Short Guide

February 18, 2021

Green card and permanent residency are the best option there is for those who wish to settle down in the USA. while these two tops the list, there are in fact several alternatives and following are a few of them explained.

Travel visa

If you are Irish or UK passport holder a citizen of the visa exempt counties, you can travel to the US for short periods of time up to 3 months for business of tourism purpose using the VISA Waiver program.

Employment visa

Employment Visa are to be issued for a specific certain job, for certain time window and with a US based employer.

Treaty Trader or Treaty Investor visas are suitable for national whose countries
participate in treaties of commerce and navigation with the US. Case in example, if you are an Irish citizen, interested in investing in USA, you can set up a company in the country meeting certain requirements which would make you eligible for an E type visa under such treaty.

Performers P visa

Performer Visa are granted to artistic performers visiting US as a part of a group or as an individual intending to perform theatre, music or any similar art form publicly.

Usually such a candidate would need an authorised agent to initiate the process for them.

O-1 Visa

This visa is designed and granted to athlete, people of science and business being considered as pioneers in their respective fields. This is to be noted that the criteria for this Visa are quite high and you would need a lot of evidence to back up your application.

J-1 or H-1 visa

J-1 visa is for students or recent graduates and it is a part of the exchange visitors’ program.

H-1 visa on the other hand is a visa valid for up to 6 years subjected to quota and to be requested by a US employer for their employee which happens to be a qualifying candidate. This visa is quite hard to get your hands on because of the said quota.

H-2 visa

H-2 visa is for people with agricultural jobs. Under its subcategories, H-2A visa is for people with temporary jobs and H-2B visa is for people with permanent jobs.

H-2B visa is perfect for people who want to enter US on a one-time occurrence or just for seasonal work. You will have to have a job offer to qualify for this visa from a US based employer.

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