Update List of Custom Import Duty for India

January 13, 2021

Duties on imports are necessary to pay by the importers in India. The import duties differ from the nature of goods. Hence, some goods have an exemption of tariff or customs duties. Some import duties are inclusive of other charges. Such charges are applicable for customs specified commodities only. Hence, it is not simple to know about import duties for India. It would help you check seair.co.in and get the latest updates on import duties in India.

Import Duty for India is levied at 10% of the value of the goods. For example, a fabric good is worth INR 100000, the customs duty on import payable is INR 10,000. An importer is necessary to pay 1% as customs handling charge that is INR 1000. The other charges might include anti-dumping and educational cess. Hence, a fabric imported to India worth 100000 might have to pay INR 10,200 as import duties. Here, the import duties do differ with products. It is advisable to check by HS code classification, which is the best way to find with tariffs.

Import India duty might be exemptible for certain goods. It can be a lifesaving medicine, food grains, and any products, which is scarce in India. Such goods are listed as duty-free products. You must check the list and find such products, which you can import if necessary. The customs department does impose a hefty tax on goods, which are already surplus in India. Here, an importer import such goods are considered as anti-dumping of goods. It will make a severe drop in the price, which will affect the local manufacturers in India. The duties levied on anti-dumping goods may go above 120% of the basic customs duty. In this way, the customs department controls the interest of trading by levying a higher import duty.

Duty import India is the best to check online in EXIM related sites. They are available from the past to the present day duty data. It will help you analyze at what percentage the import of the goods duties is increased or decreased. In this way, you can find which are the products having exemption and least with tariffs. In this way, you can calculate the profits in advance and import the necessary quantity of goods to India. The customs department announces if any changes are there in the import duties. The importers are advised to check such updates notified by the customs department or the Ministry of Finance India.     

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