Understand Cybersecurity Program With CMMC Readiness To Prepare For CMMC Certification

October 30, 2020

CMMC, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, is the program through which DoD or the Department of Defense judges the level of cybersecurity at your firm for their contracting businesses.

Your firm needs to clear different CMMC security levels to attain different types of contracts from the government. The CMMC has 5 levels, where the first is the basic, and the fifth one is the hardest of cybersecurity finesse to achieve.

To know more about the readiness and preparation of CMMC certification, you can consider the FAQs explained in detail below.

How is this certificate obtained?

Your company must get in touch with the third-party assessor. They help your company recognize the level of your cybersecurity in the RPF. So, you must know that self-certification here is not the right option.

Though your certification will be available in the public domain, any faults in your systematic environment, failing to meet the RPF standards will not be disclosed.

What’s the estimation of the cost for CMMC certification readiness?

The ultimate cost of acquiring the CMMC certificate eventually reimburses. However, you have to bear the expenses by yourself to make your company competent enough for a particular CMMC cybersecurity level.

Such expenses differ from one service provider to another you seek.

Is CMMC available to apply for as of now?

CMMC 1.0 was released in January 2020. While its version 2.0 was made public in March 2020. The Requests list for the CMMC certification applications started in June 2020. So, now, firms interested in applying for the CMMC can know the entire list of preparations to be made before the final application. The date for such applications will be released soon.

What level of CMMC certification must you go for?

It entirely depends on the cost, time, and value you have and how you want to serve the government or DoD. For instance, level one certification is quite basic, but the complications arise like anything as you go higher. Even the slightest fault might lead to the cancellation of your certification until further amendments can be put into place from your end.

And as your contracts grow with DoD, they may ask you for an external set of cybersecurity services. So, it entirely depends on how well you will serve the government as the contracting agency.

Moreover, such information is disclosed in the Requests for Information form and the official CMMC website. However, there have been notices and speculations that most of the DIBs now need to apply and obtain at least level one CMMC certification as and when the window for its application opens up.


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