Try These Places for Your Next Weekend Near California

September 16, 2019

Enjoy your trip on these beautiful places

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There are many places near California which are perfect for a weekend getaway. Even if you are not living near it but want to take a trip, these places are ideal for it. We will tell you about some of those places. After reading about them, you can decide for yourself about the destination. We are sure you will love to explore them. If you are concerned about the cheap flights, then head to Google Flights. You can search for many airlines in one click.


A long-time favorite of people from California. There are reasons for it. It is far enough from the ocean to have sunny weather even when the beach is wrapped in fog. There are breakfast Inns, beautiful beds and little shops for shopping. You could learn lawn bowling, visit a  real Nitt Witt or visit Hearst castle. For dining,  you can go to Sow’s ear and Robin’s. You could install an app to find the newcomers in the town. In last the best thing about this city is the MoonStone beach.  It has a natural beauty, tide pools, driftwood strewn sand, and the crashing waves.  You can imagine the scene yourself.

Catalina Island

Next on our list is Catalina Island, which is only 26 miles away from Los Angeles. However, very different from each other. Do you know the best thing about this city? You can roam around it in a rented golf cart. You may not get permission to bring your vehicle on the island.

So, these are the places you can visit for next weekend. Every one of them has something special. If you want to know more about them, Use the explore option in Google Flight Search.

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