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January 23, 2021

What to do in extreme heat or cold Which food tastes delicious and goes well with prolonged sitting? How do you get rid of annoying back pain? There are countless tips from truck drivers for on the go – we have collected the best for you here.

 back pain – the cross with the cross

Truck drivers are among the occupational groups with a significantly increased risk of severe back pain and herniated discs. The reason for this is the wrong posture when sitting, alternating with too high loads when loading and unloading. The best tip from drivers for drivers: Don’t get lazy! After sitting in the driver’s cab for a long time, it is worth taking breaks for walks or stretching exercises.

 Safe through heat and cold

The seasons are particularly noticeable in trucks, on the street, and in parking lots. Sudden temperature drops or regionally caused climate changes on long-distance journeys are part of everyday life – it’s good when drivers are perfectly prepared—the most crucial luggage tips for drivers.

 For cold days: warm sleeping bag, warm clothing (layered principle), gloves (at least three pairs), thermos flask, kettle, gas cooker, road salt and grit, antifreeze + important: have the parking heater checked!

 For hot days: sun cream, sunglasses, enough change shirts, 4-5 liters of mineral water per day, light snacks such as cucumber, melon, berries, mini fan, cooling gel for the legs + important: have the air conditioning checked regularly!

 Healthy, tasty, and inexpensive, is that possible?

The sausage from the snack bar, the schnitzel from the rest stop, and the ice-cold cola – of course, that sounds delicious. And as a special delicacy, it can be served now and then. As a permanent diet, this stuff is nothing: fat makes you fat. Unfortunately, that’s true in this case. Also, there is an excess of insulin from white flour products and sugar, which causes cravings. It’s a vicious circle that can easily be broken – and many drivers have great tips for doing this: Make sure to go shopping and fill the fridge before you go. 

There is enough mineral water in the truck as a drink – also a thermos with unsweetened tea. Fruits such as bananas and apples are wonderful to take with you on trips lasting several days. The fruits taste delicious, satisfy the craving for sweets and also provide essential vitamins. Mouthwatering snacks for in between are yogurts, whole grain bread, lean ham, cream cheese, and vegetables that can be eaten raw such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, and bell pepper.

Your tips from drivers for drivers

Do you also have driver tips in stock that you would like to pass on to your colleagues? Tips on the subject of first-aid kits across Europe. Packing list tips: What shouldn’t be missing in your truck? For more knowledge about these, you can join a truck driving school.

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