Trends in online marketing

May 15, 2019

The Internet, as well as other spaces of everyday life, is subject to changes and periodical trends.

In the scope of this medium, this phenomenon is particularly rapid due to the rate of spreading of information, incomparable to any other channel of communication. At the same time it is subject to a bottom-up impact, because in present times the hero of the Internet can become anyone who can present his or her skills and ideas in an interesting way.

Marketing follows the trail of the Internet

The broadly understood marketing industry would not be itself if it did not use in its own way the emerging innovations and improvements, followed by a multitude of users, wishing to use the emerging novelties as soon as possible and boast about new opportunities among its online friends.

A good example here are Internet bots, originally present on the Polish communicator Gadu-gadu, later appearing in services such as Twitter, and recently also attached to the options available on Facebook. As predicted, bottlenecks, especially facebook ones, have a bright future, and in the near future they will be able to be used for online shopping and other online services.

Not only Facebook, not just bots

Of course, this is not the end of the range of novelties that have recently appeared on the marketing square of the battle on the Internet. Much has been written about using Instagram, especially since it has been used for marketing purposes for a long time. Currently, however, he is experiencing a second youth, which is not insignificant thanks to the clothing industry, which uses this way of reaching customers in an intensive way.

Snapchat is at the forefront of marketing trends and is constantly being rediscovered and hasn’t shown its full potential yet. This seemingly small video format, which is limited to 10 seconds, makes it possible to create extremely catchy, content-capable clips that reach the audience in an accessible way. What’s more, the viral videos made available by users have a snowball effect, using a mechanism known from other social networking sites.

What’s next?

It is impossible to predict how social media will evolve in the near future, just as it is impossible to determine whether the era of Internet bots will dominate the main direction of marketing activity in this area for good. However, one thing is certain – changes will take place.

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