Top Data Center Trends Impacting Your Infrastructure

March 1, 2021

The data center industry is currently valued at $32 billion and is expected to grow up to $59 billion in the next four years. While everyone remained at home, the demand for data never stopped completely. It is only increasing year after year.

This means modern data centers are more likely to be hyperscale. The demand for colocation facilities, both smaller and more local, will increase. Look at these top 5 trends in data center infrastructure expected to rise soon.

1.   Hyperscale is Here

As an outcome of the pandemic, people started going digital and started using online services even more. By the end of 2020, most people were investing in public cloud facilities, especially tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, or Google.

With the amount of data increasing, the demand for colocation services and hyperscale vendors is increasing worldwide.

2.   Demand for IoT and Edge Computing

Edge computing and the IoT market is just on the verge of booming too. As people are starting to opt for smarter homes and devices, the IoT industry is expected to be valued at $50 billion by 2022.

Seeing this growth, demand for reliability, speed, and connectivity will increase, which will require the edge market to grow.

3.   Sustainable Methods

Seeing the climate changes and environmental issues raised by people last year, we will have to build and maintain data centers in a sustainable way. People, especially youngsters, are getting more and more aware of the changes in their surroundings. Hence no company can exploit resources like before.

The amount of power supply for air conditioning, water usage required by data centers is very high. They will be required to be energy efficient. When data centers operate, they will have to reduce their negative impact on the environment and help all society sectors.

4.   Automation

As social distancing and no-contact became the norm during the COVID pandemic, automation in data centers became a new thing. More and more data centers shifted to working from home and remote facilities for monitoring and routine check-ups.

While staffing will be on pause, data centers are likely to continue this automation trend even after the pandemic. Automation will also be observed in robotics for monitoring data centers and even physical security.

5.   Launch of 5G Network

The big companies of the network industry are all set to release the 5G network; many have failed to see it in process and working. As data centers and other industries start to use data in new ways, with the growth of edge computing, there will be a need for faster demand for 5G technology.

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