Top 5 programme language a programmers Should learn in 2020

October 29, 2020

Is there any best programming language exist?

Well the answer is no.

There is no such a best programming language.

Every programme language has there own programme algorithm and structure.

Some language syntax is harder to learn and some have simple syntax.

Every programme language provide you different different benefits.

A good programmer not stick with just one language.He/She learn multiple language to make his work earlier.

Then how can i find best language for me?

Which programme language is best it’s depends on current market demand of that language.

Now i am goanna tell you top 5 programme language according to market demand in 2020.


SWIFT is a IOS based programme language. This language work in only apple device.

This not so much popular but market of this language is too high.

Swift language syntax is simple and user friendly.This is not much complicated compare to java.

By learning swift you can be a IOS developer and your software will be available for apple world.Sound like Awesome.

SWIFT demand is getting higher according to google trends.

Average Salary of a IOS Developer is $127,048 per year according it


C++ is become more demadable programming language  in 2020.

The Syntax of this language is less complicated.

This language now is one of the most trending language  in google trends.

Syntax of C++

#include <stido.h>



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