Top 5 Photobooth Trends of 2019 for Wedding to Check Out

February 11, 2019

If you are all set for 2019 wedding, you must include the planning of hiring a wedding photo booth and that too not without checking the hottest trends.

People in Australia are in love with photobooth. Be it birthday parties or any special event; they go for photo booth hire or rental services.

Some try out to create their own photo booth using some props and cardboards. However, those are not as amazing as the hired photobooths.

For a wedding, there is not really any alternative to the photo booth. If your wedding is just around the corner in 2019, here are some wedding photobooth trends for you to watch out for.

Weeding Photobooth

Invasion of smart technology, virtual special effects, use of green screens has changed the basic picture module.

You can’t miss all those out anyway. Here are the fanciest photobooth trends of 2019 to look out for.

  • Boomerang GIFs – Fun Unlimited!

Most of the wedding photobooth hire in Melbourne will feature boomerang GIFs with their photobooth in 2019. It means unlimited fun is coming ahead for the wedding guests. The GIFs can be instantly shared on the social media platforms just like people used to do with their Instagram images. Giving this opportunity to your guests at your wedding will prove to bring some blessings in your way.

  • Use of Filters

Photo booth share instagram

Just like the Instagram filters, you can expect to have them in photobooth pictures too. It is one of the hottest trends of 2019. The use of these filters will make the simple photos look dramatic.

Just like the trending beauty filter apps you use in your mobile, these filters will reduce the fine lines and dark spots appearing on the screen.

You can also play with the tone and complexion details. In a nutshell, these filters will be used to add a glam touch to the photos.

  • Use of Green Screen will be Promoted

The use of green screen in wedding photobooths was quite extensive previous year, and in 2019 weddings, these will also rule the same way.

The green screens featured by photobooth hire companies in Melbourne give a chance to your guests to create their own preferred backdrops. The green screen is sure to elevate the overall photobooth experience.

  • Big Letterhead Props for the Couple

Photobooth Props for the Couple

Last but not least, for the wedding couple, some golden chances of experimentation are there too. You can opt for big letterheads forming words like ‘LOVE’. If those are decorated with lights, it will appear more beautiful in the pictures.

  • Playing with Light Projection

This is something the photobooth hire companies will tend to adopt within no time. The use of projectors will turn the pictures into somewhat like art installations with the use of motion graphics.

If the light projection is changed in some specific patterns, it can make the pictures appear to be morphed with the objects changing the positions. Your guests will have a dynamic photo experience.


So, the scene of wedding photobooth is undoubtedly changing. Check with the reliable photobooth hire companies in Melbourne before investing in. If you don’t want to be a part of these trends, you can also go for the old school and classic photobooth choices. But, having a photobooth is mandatory for weddings in 2019.

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