Top 4 secondary school to attend in mainland

October 8, 2020

Lagos is regarded as the most populated city in the whole of Africa. This is because of the number of nigerian citizens crowded there trying to meet an end means. Due to this number, there are many established secondary school. Some are governmentally established while some are non governmental (private)..

Alright, now, what are the best school in can attend in your secondary level in Lagos state? The answer are among my listed or selected top 4 secondary schools in Lagos. These are;

1. Mainland senior high school

Location: yaba, jibowu, Lagos

Population: over 500 students

Body: state Government owned

Recommended: Global Connections

2. Queens and kings College

Location: sabo yaba, Lagos, mainland

Population: over 2 thousand students

Body: federal government owned

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3. Surulure Girls

Location: jibowu, yaba, mainland

Population: over 300 students

Body: state government owned

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4. Eko boys

Location: mushin olosha

Population: over 7,000 students

Body: state government owned

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