Top 10 Spices Wholesale Dealers in India

November 27, 2020
Who are the top 10 spice wholesale dealers in India? 
As we are familiar with who a spice wholesale dealer is and their importance in the spice supply chain, let’s check the top ten spice wholesale dealers in India though there are other budding spice dealers in India.
Seed Agritech: It is a Kerala based spice wholesale dealer which aims at bridging the gap between the farmer and consumer. They provide a global opportunity for the farmers to market their products without altering the quality. With a vision of a sustainable supply chain to benefit society, they are farmer oriented, customer-oriented, and environmental oriented spice wholesale dealer.
Thottam Farm Fresh
Thottam Fram Fresh: Headquartered in Kerala, Thottam Farm Fresh is one of the prominent spice wholesale dealers in India. They are not just a brand but an ecosystem striving to empower Indian farmers across Kerala. Nutritious produce is sourced for the customers to relish along with the health benefits. They collect unadulterated quality products from the best farms and bring these wholesome and pure products right to your doorstep. With state of the are infrastructure, they supply the best quality spices across India and around the world.
Suminter India Organics: It is a spice wholesale dealer in Mumbai. They offer natural and organic certification and training to their farmer partners. A premium over and above the market price is paid to the farmers thereby ensuring that agriculture is a viable option. With the help of ground-level force, they ensure quality naturals and organic goods in the supply chain.
VLC Spices: It is a Mumbai based spice wholesale dealer with a vision to supply unadulterated and premium products in the spice market. Their array of products include Whole Spices, Blended Spices, Baking Spices, Ground Spices, and Curry Powders.
Evergreen Exports: It is a spice wholesale dealer in Mumbai. They also export and manufacture Indian spices, blended spices, curry powders.  Situated in India’s commercial capital, they require minimal transportation time providing the best quality spices in Mumbai.
PCK Agriventures: They are Indore based spice wholesale dealer with an experience over five years in the industry. As they own procurements centres in various Indian states where the experienced staff ensure procurement of quality and fresh spices are collected and transported without affecting the quality. This enables them to stand out as a spice wholesale dealer in India.
Sabarigiri Industries: They supply their products to Kerala Government undertakings, Kerala Civil supplies. With 28 years of experience in the industry, supplying fresh, graded, and packed products in hygienic environments.
Arjun Spices: As a Gujarat-based spice wholesale dealer for over 55 years. Procuring from the markets of Unjha which is Asia’s largest spice market, they process and pack the spices.
MEYTHOMA INTERNATIONAL: It is a spice wholesale dealer from Kerala specially deals with two spices which are green cardamom and pepper from the Western Ghats.
Eagle: It is a spice wholesale dealer and manufacturer situated in Delhi. AGMARK approved raw materials are used for supplying.

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