Top 10 Customer Service Skills For Real Estate

March 16, 2019

The real estate profession changes every day. Here are 10 customer service skills for real estate agents.

                       “Customer Satisfaction is Worthless. Customer Loyalty is Priceless. “

  1.    Know Real Estate

This one should be obvious, but it truly is the most important. When you show expertise in your field, you immediately gain trust and respect. Real estate agents are always experts in their exclusive community.

  1.    Strong Communication

Be a good listener. Understand their goals and hopes, then clearly convey your point of view.

  1.    Practice Patience

Plenty of buyers are needy, indecisive, or confident that they know better than you. Understand that a home is likely the biggest investment they’ll ever make, and try to bear with them.

  1.    Be Honest

If your client has unreasonable aspiration for a limited budget, be firm in telling them. If there are communities you’re not familiar with, confess it. Honesty on your end will quickly gain trust.

  1.    Digital Dialogue

Clients expect communication in various ways. Let your client know the new prospect via text. Follow up with various forms of social media.

  1.    Show Compassion

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. How would you want a situation to be resolved?

  1.    Remedy Errors

Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They expect you to fix things when they go wrong.

  1.    Recognize Body Language

Read the things that clients don’t feel 100% comfortable telling you. Also be aware of your own: don’t cross your arms or learn to indicate a lack of interest.

  1.    Know How To Persuade

Know how to compromise so that they end result is a win for everyone.

  1.   Close The Deal Smartly

The most important part of any communication process. Also happens to be the part where you get paid.

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