Toon Blast Cheats: Tips and Method Guide

May 17, 2019


Join the wacky cartoon band in a journey across the crazy cartoon globe! Toon Blast can be a colorful match-3 puzzle game where you get to assist Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear blast rainbow colored cubes and resolve zany puzzles. Our Toon Blast cheats and tips will help you and your pals through this wild adventure! Get a lot more details about Toon blast cheats android without human verification

Toon Blast is often a lot like other match-3 puzzle games, so your abilities will apply here too! Even though you are not prepared, we’ve got you covered with our Toon Blast cheats, guidelines and tricks approach guide!

Conserve your boosters!

Boosters and power ups are reasonably hard to come by. You will only get a couple for free every time you open the Toon Chest or Star Chest, so try and only use them once you truly need it. If you are only a couple moves away from winning a particularly difficult level, then that is a very good time for you to use a energy up!

Do not be concerned in regards to the stars early on!

Like other match-3 puzzle games, you will get awarded up to three stars based on how properly you execute on a level. Early on, these stars don’t actually matter. Once you beat level 15, you’ll unlock the Star Chest. From that point onward, each star you get goes toward opening the Star Chest which requires a grand total of 20 stars to open. Any stars you have accumulated before level 15 are primarily wasted, so you do not have to worry about them early on.

Join a group as soon as you possibly can!

Upon beating level 20, you’re provided the choice to join a team. Teams are full of other players who come collectively below one purpose: beat each of the levels in Toon Blast! You’ll be able to choose a random one to join or generate your own personal, although it fees plenty of coins. The principle benefit of getting within a team is that it is possible to ask your teammates to get a pick-me-up when you run out of lives. You’ll want to repay the favor and aid out your teammates if they need to have lives!

Always go for the massive pieces!

Attempt to not make it a habit or matching every tiny combo you see. Alternatively, attempt to strategy ahead and kind large clumps of matching blocks to create the unique pieces. Rockets, bombs and the globes are all extremely useful to reaching your quota, especially if you have a difficult objective to complete.

Bear in mind that you could also combine particular pieces for dramatic effects. With cautious organizing or excellent old fashioned luck, you’ll find yourself with two specific pieces suitable next to each other.

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