Tokyo – historic capital of Japan

May 15, 2019

Japan is a country that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Its culture, combined with the inhabitants’ love for the latest technologies, gives a striking, unprecedented anywhere else. There will be both history lovers and people who appreciate Japanese culture.

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How to get to Japan?

The easiest way to get from Poland to Japan is to fly to Tokyo. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights and you have to take into account the change of flights, and the waiting time for the further journey can take from two to even twenty, so when choosing a flight check where you will spend this time – if it is an interesting place, you can then use this time to explore it.

It is worth paying attention to cheap flights to Tokyo – thanks to this solution you do not need to too much taste for a long journey, but still should be reckoned with the expense of about 1900 zloty. The shortest time to change trains is in Frankfurt and Paris – 1 and 2 hours respectively. However, it depends on the day of departure and the carrier – just as well as the time to wait in these cities may be 15 hours. Therefore, it is worth to plan your flight so as to wait as little as possible.

Where to buy a ticket to Japan?

Ticket to Tokyo can be purchased on the website of carriers operating between Poland and Japan or use the services of services gathering cheap flights in one place. This makes it easy to catch the cheapest offer and save money, which will help you to have a larger budget for expenses on the spot. Such services include, where not only cheap flights are collected, but also the possibility of buying flight tickets with hotels on site, travel health insurance or luggage insurance. In addition, there are often various types of promotions, so you can save even more.

What is worth seeing in the capital of Japan?

The capital city has many attractions to offer, both modern and old-fashioned. For sure, everyone should see the Imperial Palace and historical center, Akihabara (the world’s largest electronic and electrical equipment sales center), Yanaka (with the Yanaka cemetery and a large complex of small temples, most of which have their own cemeteries) or other places.

Since there are many Tokyo guides and tourist portals online, you can find out about all the costs of visits, as well as transport within and outside the city. One thing is certain – a trip to this city will surely be an unforgettable experience, so it is worth putting aside some cash for it. Thanks to cheap flights in your wallet will remain more money for pleasure on the spot.

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