Tips & Tricks: How To Remove A Decal Badge From Your Car

November 10, 2020

Even though car dealer decals are indeed a great way to advertise on your newly bought car, it is still not the perfect accessory for your vehicle. Since you’ve paid for the vehicle and not the dealer decal badge, it deserves no place on your new car’s exteriors. 

Moreover, it should be realised that these decal badges are sometimes a pain to remove as well. Times like these are when you require some professional tips & tricks from

car detailer in Gold Coast – which is why we are here to offer you suggestions on how to remove a car dealer decal badge effortlessly. 

The Method To Remove A Car Dealer Decal Badge From Your Newly Purchased Car


  • The Preparation Task


Before you plan on moving to the complex tasks, the first thing that you need to do is to clean the area surrounding the decal. This will help in preventing the dust to get stuck when you are cleaning the adhesive. You can simply use a mixture of warm water along with a little bit of soap. The above process should get the job done. 


  • The Actual Removal


The main trick in removing a car dealer decal is to do it under the correct conditions. You can use any form of heat which will be able to soften the glue and thereby make the decal more comfortable to remove. However, it also depends on how much rough the decal is especially during the removal process – which might force you to wait for a warm, sunny day instead. On a sunny day, you can simply use your hairdryer to loosen up the adhesive for the decal.

Once the glue has been loosened up, you can directly proceed to remove it. If you want the best results, it is suggested that you perform the process slowly and steadily. Since you cannot complete the peeling process with your finger, you need a tool for the same – such as dental floss or a credit/debit card.

Take your time, as long as you require, and thereby remove the decal thoroughly. If the decal is resilient and is still not coming off, then it’s suggested that you use an adhesive remove around the decal, which will be able to combat the adhesive.


  • The Cleanup


Once the decal has been eradicated from your car’s exterior, it’s time to clean the area properly. You must know that any kind of leftover adhesive will not be ideal and can easily attract dust, dirt and grime when you’ll be driving your vehicle on-road. 

You can simply use some amount of adhesive remover on the area, and the process will be completed in no time. 

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