Tips to stay safe while working at heights

February 9, 2020

Working at heights refers to any activity where a person could fall and injure themselves from above the ground or below the ground, if proper safety precautions are not taken. In most of the industries, fall protection is required while operating or managing the lifting equipment. There are many hazards and risks involved in using lifting equipment at heights. There are several general requirements to be followed to control them.

Working at heights without proper lifting equipment accounts for more fatalities in the construction industry. Rising demand in construction industries has led to increased demand for crane and other lifting equipment in the market. Proper planning and supervision of the lifting equipment will help to prevent the falls and falling materials in different factory conditions. Falling from heights in the absence of lifting equipment can lead to many fatalities, neck or spinal injuries or multiple fractures. The main risks associated with the use of lifting equipment while working at heights are the loads or objects falling from heights to someone standing below. Lifting equipment should be properly inspected before putting in to use at great heights. Regular inspection by competent personnel is important for safety purposes. Rigorous testing of the safety equipment should be done wherever appropriate. Proper inspections should be conducted after the lifting equipment has been properly assembled.  Paying special attention the deterioration of the equipment is another important aspect to be considered before putting it to use at heights.

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