Tips For Winning The Lotto jackpots At The State And National Level

February 24, 2021

Lotto is fun, but it can be very frustrating too. During months of long buildup and the longest streak ever of a non-jackpot winner without a big jackpot win, millions of dollars in smaller prizes were won as the big jackpot slowly crept up. Now it is the third-highest prize in U.S. lottery History, if won at its current amount. Adding to the intrigue for many: A winning ticket sold at the very same small local store in rural Maryland, in the very small town of Lonaconing. This story, posted on the Lottery Digest Online, is what happened over the weekend.

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The man winning the lottery here was trying to collect his winnings before the jackpot changed hands. He bought several tickets, some for as much as a few hundred dollars each, but ultimately settled for a million-dollar jackpot. Some lottery players see this as a bad thing, because all they were trying to do was increase their chances for winning the lottery. However, others view this as a good thing, because now their chances for winning the mega millions are much greater.


For example, the local lottery site had a special offer going that weekend only, offering a bonus of two hundred dollars for anyone who could hit lucky three different numbers. They also offered a bonus of a further two hundred dollars if they hit more than three numbers. This would seem like a great deal, but the problem was that not everybody was playing the same lottery. As such many people who didn’t want the chance of doubling their prize didn’t bother with this particular set of numbers.


This is why we always recommend that you play the national lottery instead of the local ones. Although it may be tempting to keep playing the local lotto games if you live in the same town as your local store, you should think about how much money you are losing by constantly playing those low prize draws. That is especially true if you don’t have a big budget. You might feel like you are not likely to win, but you never know. It really isn’t worth it to keep playing for the sake of increasing your chances of winning. If you get wise and stop playing those games that don’t pay off, that’s when you’ll have enough money to buy whatever it is that you want.



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