The Top 08 Essential Gardening Tools

December 29, 2019

You’re new at gardening? Here, we give you its Top 10 essential tools for gardening.

Pruning shear

The secateurs are the noble and indispensable tools of the gardener. When a stem protrudes, it is pulled out of the plant at all times, and it damages the aesthetics or health of a plant. There are two types of secateurs: the classic model (the blade slides along a hook) and the anvil secateurs.


Garden gloves

Your hands are precious, it’s even the first tool of the garden! Also, protect them! Between the soil, the Thorns, the products. gardening tends to hurt your hands. To protect your skin, use gardening gloves.

Leaf Blower

To get rid of broom and rake, a leaf blower is an amazing invention to remove dead leaves from a garden. There are several types of leaf blowers like; gas-powered leaf blower, battery-powered blower, and backpack blowers. You can choose any of the blowers according to your choice.


The wheelbarrow, however Classic or ancestral it may be, remains the indispensable tool for carrying heavy or bulky loads, such as branches or soil. The two-wheeled models are a little less maneuverable but remain more practical to empty. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.


The watering can

There are two main types of sprinklers, and both are essential! The long-beaked watering can is perfect for watering your potted plantings. Apple is very useful for sowing and fragile crops. But if your garden is big enough, don’t hesitate to invest in a complete watering system with hoses, sprinklers, and programmers.


The transplanter

This mini-shovel does not look good, but it is essential to plant the flowers and vegetables in clods, as well as the large bulbs. You must always have it at hand!


The planter

The planter is this small tool with a bent handle and a pointed nose. Its function? Transplant and plant small bulbs like crocuses, mascaras or shallots.

The spade

The beveling fork is the essential basic tool for working the soil, especially for turning heavy and stony soils. For less stony and less sticky soils, prefer a spade.

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