The role of HR software in continuous performance evaluation

October 9, 2020


The role of job portal software in continuous performance evaluation.

For continuous evaluation to be effective, we will need to have a software and system that makes it easy for us . In other words, it allows collaborative, frequent, real-time and analytical performance management.

Performance evaluation software gives us the opportunity to:


  • Carry out ongoing feedback .
  • Generate frequent reports to improve decision making.
  • Communicate more effectively with our team.
  • Keep a record of the actions safeguarding data privacy and avoiding the loss of information.
  • It allows Human Resources to have visibility of the frequency with which evaluations are carried out.
  • It allows you to collect frequent data on talent and performance without having to implement big plans or go through bureaucratic processes.
  • It allows monitoring the effectiveness of the implemented action plan.
  • It is also accessible and responsive web

Continuous evaluation in real time

  • Everything in excess ends up being negative. The same can be said for continuous evaluation. Although it has been noted above that continuous evaluations can occur every week, this can sometimes lead to constant interruption of work and unnecessary pressure on workers.
  • But you can still go further and do it in real time . If the real-time feedback implies that the manager is available to the worker and open to communicate, the real-time evaluation implies that the employee can be scored and evaluated at any time.
  • Both systems have been possible thanks to new technologies. In the case of evaluation, colleagues can rate each other or make negative or positive comments that are stored. Those comments are used later for final evaluations.
  • It is not entirely negative if you take into account that it starts from the idea of ​​the claim sheets . But the difference is that many times personal quarrels between workers or unfair competition for a position lead to negative scores.
  • In addition, we must add the constant pressure that these evaluations suppose, the workers will have to be frequently falsifying their attitude to avoid a bad score. This creates an unsustainable toxic environment
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